Thank you for choosing to rent your new home through CBS Property Group. We are here to help during business hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, however, if you need any information about your rights as tenants, please refer to the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) website by clicking the button below.

In these tabs you will find many of the most commonly used fact sheets and forms from the RTA and CBS Property which can be downloaded for your reference or filled in and sent direct to your property manager or to

  • Submit Application

  • Get Approved

  • Sign & Pay

  • Connect utilities

  • Collect Keys

  • Return Entry report

Submit Application

To apply for a rental property, please submit your application and all supporting documents by clicking the button below and creating an account.

Alternatively, you can apply using the PDF Tenancy Application form below.

You will be required to complete the form and provide copies of the following relevant documentation:

  • Proof of Identity – Driver’s Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Income – 3x Payslips, Employment details/contract
  • Proof of Address- Tenancy Ledger, Home Owner, Utility Bill
  • Proof of Visa if necessary

Our office strives to have all applications processed and completed within 48 hours. This can only be achieved when all information and documentation has been provided at the time of submission.  It is also important to remember when applying for a rental property, your employer and rental agent will be contacted for confirmation. We strongly recommend you inform them first, so they do not hold up the processing.

Be Approved

Once we have received approval from the landlord, we will then contact you by phone with the good news. We will also send you an email with all further information and documents relating to your new home i.e. Lease Agreement, Bond Form, By-Laws, Embedded Utility Networks.

Please make sure you read this information thoroughly before signing any paperwork.

Sign & Pay

In order for you to secure the property and have it removed from advertising, you will be required to sign the Lease Agreement and pay the first two weeks rent.

This payment should be made as soon as possible and your Property Manager will advise you of your payment method options.

Connect Utilities

It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure their utilities have been connected in their name prior to moving into the property. CBS Property Group partner with On The Move to help our tenants enjoy a quick and easy moving process.

On The Move helps to improve and speed up the moving process by finding suppliers in the area and arranging connections that you require with your preferred suppliers from the list available. This extends to connections for gas, electricity, phone, internet, pay TV, and more.  Although the utilities are not free, the process of organising them is! So there is no need to worry about organising multiple connections all with different suppliers.

Collect Keys

Once you have secured the property, we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to come in and collect your keys on the first day of your tenancy. We also recommend all tenants attend and allow 15 minutes for this appointment.

At this time, you will be provided with a printed copy of the written Entry Condition Report and will shortly afterwards receive an email with a copy of all signed tenancy documents.

Return Entry Condition Report

Please ensure that you return your signed copy of your Entry Condition Report to our office within 3 days of the tenancy start date. If this is not returned, please be aware that the original inspection report will be used for your end of tenancy comparison.

Useful Information

CBS Property Group Tenancy Application
RTA Pocket Guide for Tenants
RTA: Pocket Guide for Tenants
RTA Water Charging Fact Sheet Cover Image
RTA: Water Charging Fact Sheet
RTA Smoke Alarm Fact Sheet
RTA: Smoke Alarm Fact Sheet
  • Pest Control

  • Water Charging

  • Routine Inspections

  • Safety & Security

Pests and Rodents

Whilst every precaution is taken at the beginning and end of tenancies, sometimes pests are just unavoidable. If you are experiencing issues with pests during your tenancy, please contact your Property Manager directly for some helpful information.

Water Charges

If your rental property is water compliant and your lease agreement clearly states water usage charges are to be passed on, the landlord has the right to invoice you within a reasonable time-frame of each bill.

For more information, please refer to the RTA Water Charging Fact Sheet 

Routine Inspections

Here at CBS Property Group, we like to conduct at least 2 Routine Inspections a year on each property. If you are unable to be home for the inspection, that is no trouble at all. We will gain access using our office set of keys. Please also make sure you leave a list of any maintenance or items you wish to bring to our attention..

If you are unsure of what is expected at a Routine Inspection, please refer to the information below which has been taken directly from the RTA website.

Cleaning and tidying

Routine cleaning (e.g. dusting, sweeping/vacuuming and cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces and extraction fans in bathrooms and laundries if applicable.
lawn mowing and gardening
tidying up outside areas (e.g. decks, patios)

Smoke Alarms

If you believe a smoke alarm is not working properly, please try dusting/vacuuming or changing the battery first. If this does not resolve the issue, please inform your Property Manager in writing as soon as possible.

Please do not remove the smoke alarm under any circumstances. Smoke alarms are installed into your home for the health and safety of all residents.

Misplaced or Lost Keys

If you are unable to access your property during business hours, you may come to our office and borrow our set of keys with proof of identity. Please make sure you phone and confirm there are keys available before coming to our office.

If you have locked yourself out after-hours, please contact a locksmith to assist you. This will be at your own expense.

  • Report Maintenance

  • Trades to Quote

  • Landlord to Approve

  • Trades to Attend

  • Job is Complete

If you become aware of any maintenance requirements or urgent repairs at the property, you should advise your Property Manager in writing as soon as possible.

You can lodge the request either by filling in the online maintenance form below, emailing your request, or logging the maintenance through your tenant’s portal. When sending maintenance requests to your Property Manager, please provide as much detail as possible, along with photos of the issue, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

As the tenant, you are responsible for the maintenance of little things, like replacing light bulbs, changing smoke detector batteries, cleaning windows, dusting, removing cobwebs and routine garden maintenance such as watering, mowing and weeding.

  • Give Notice

  • Pay Final Rent

  • Clean & Repair Property

  • Return Keys

  • Disconnect Utilities

  • Bond Refund

As your lease comes to an end, your Property Manager will be in touch with you to find out whether you wish to renew your lease or vacate the property.

If you have decided to move out, please fill in and submit the RTA Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave below. Your Property Manager will then work with you to make the vacate process as smooth as possible.

At the end of your tenancy, you will no doubt want your bond refunded quickly after you vacate. To assist us with this process, please make sure the following are completed by your vacate date.

  • Rent is paid to the vacate date
  • Property is clean and returned to its original condition as per the Entry Condition Report
  • Any Invoices Paid in full
  • All Keys & Remotes are returned
Notice of Intention to Leave Form Cover image
Notice of Intention to Leave Form

  • Give Notice

  • Continue Paying Rent

  • Pay Break Lease Fees

  • Allow Open Homes

  • New Tenant is Found

  • Complete Moving Out Process

Here at CBS Property Group, we understand that no one enters into a rental agreement with the intention of breaking their lease, and that sometimes a change in circumstances means that you have no choice in the matter.

With the above in mind, a lease is still a legally binding contract between the tenant and landlord, and as such, there are laws and processes in place to assist both parties with minimising costs.

Although this can come at a stressful time, we are here to help, please contact us if you have any questions about the process. You can also read more about this on the RTA website by clicking the button below.

  • Submit New Tenant Application

  • Submit Remaining Tenants Payslips

  • Await Owner Decision

  • CBS Accept New Paperwork

  • Old Tenants Move Out

  • New Tenants Move In

At CBS Property Group, we understand that from time to time a tenant may need to move out and a new tenant move in to replace them. Once you have found a replacement tenant, we are able to assist by processing their application and seeking owner approval.

We also understand that sometimes the person staying would like to remain at the property alone – that is okay, however, you will need to show us that you can afford the rent on your own.

We owe a duty of care to the Landlord to ensure the applicant applying passes the application process. We also have a duty of care to you as the tenant by ensuring all leaseholders are held to their obligations until the applicant is approved or the person staying can demonstrate they can afford the rent alone.

Once approval is provided to you, the transfer of rent and bond monies must occur directly between tenants and not CBS Property Group. All tenants – leaving, remaining and continuing must sign a change of bond form for the bond to be updated with the RTA. Unfortunately, we cannot handle exchanges of money mid tenancy.

  • Submit Pet Application

  • Approved or Declined

  • Purchase New Fur Baby

  • Live Happily Ever After

If you are looking to bring a new pet into your home, please contact your Property Manager, or fill in the online form below.

If you are unsure of what type of pet you would like to get, please provide as much information as possible when filling in the application form. This will assist the landlord with their decision.

Once a decision has been made by the landlord, you will need to provide a photo of the pet and the council registration details.

For further information regarding pets in rental properties, please contact the RTA by clicking the button below.